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June 4th, 2007

The few (by few, meaning less than five) people I’ve mentioned this site to have all had trouble with the title, Budaeli; in the sense of pronouncing the word and why in the hell would someone pick a title as obtuse as that.

…Explaining how to pronounce the title will be a little easier than answering the latter question.

Budaeli is pronounced “boo-DAH-LEE” with emphasis on the last two syllables. It’s a blend of the words Buddha, Daedalus, and literature. It was the best I could do at the time and now I like the result, so it stays. Besides I like the way those three words sound, so why not mash them all together? Creating the word made the process of registering a domain name much easier (of course, I own my own namesake domain, which redirects to Budaeli, but that’s more than a little boring for a domain name).

For those of you who wouldn’t accept that I came up with the name one cold day in December when playing with words: here’s why those specific three words are blended together.

Buddha is a word that represents my belief in mindfulness, living in the moment, and clarity of life. I don’t claim for a moment that I embody these ideas in my own life; only that they are a noble attainment.

Daedalus is not referring to the father of Icarus but rather the dedicated creator of the labyrinth and inventor of images. And an artist intensely jealous of rivals.

Literature – the simple addition to Budaeli. It refers to one of my two most deeply ingrained interests*. It’s part in the name of this blog will be more apt in a few days.

Please refer to this post when confused about the name and all that embodies. “kthx.”

*my other deeply ingrained interest is music.

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