Apple Inc. Is My Sports Team

December 11th, 2007

Sport talk has always bored me. Between the excessive stats of baseball, the bizarre rules of football, and the mythical stature of soccer/football stars – it just didn’t excite me like it does for many people. An unintended side effect is my hampered ability at small talk due to the fact that I know embarrassingly little of team standings, history, or how well anyone is doing for the current season – not to mention I still don’t quite get the rules of football. And probably never will.

That said, I am beginning to see how people can get very involved in the myths of their favorite team. Why?

Because Apple is my sports team.

I root for them every chance that I get. The sport is hard to follow because there is lots of speculation on what plays Apple will make, and the equivalent to actual games are the Macworld Expo, the WWDC, and the occasional official announcement events scattered throughout the year. The team has a very restrictive block-out period for games, so us fans have to rely on text-based announcers physically at the event. But boy is it exciting! Who knows what moves Apple’s star quarterback, Steve Jobs, will make!

I became involved with the team late in its history – they were making a strong comeback and kicking serious ass. But despite all the hype that Apple gets in the press, the company is less like the Yankees and more like the Red Sox – they had a long, embarrassing losing streak, but have come back and whipping everyone’s ass*. To extend the analogy, Microsoft more like the Yankees – they were killing everyone for a while but now can’t get their act together, while still being the biggest money-making club (it’s not a perfect analogy, of course – a technology company can’t win an equivalent to a World Series, they can just get lots of users, and the fan base for Apple outweighs the fan base for Microsoft so much it’s absurd – OK, well I wouldn’t call that last link absurd but you get the idea :) ).

The sports analogy is getting carried away, so I’ll wrap this up. While I don’t decorate my bedroom with Apple-branded stuff, the majority of my electronics are made by them (iMac, iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, and if everything works out a Mac as my work machine) and I have more of those logo stickers than I can possibly use. And my talking about what the company is up to with my friends borders on annoyance.

So maybe I can relate.

*I should point out that it’s impossible to live in Boston and not adore the Red Sox, even if just a little.

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