Imagining Infinity

December 18th, 2007

Here’s a quick thought exercise: try to conceptualize infinity.

How do you see it? Our minds are not built to deal with the number infinity, primarily because we live in a finite world where there is a limit to everything*.

So how does a god feel? What’s it like to be able to know and understand not just the extraordinary vastness of our universe, but everything beyond it**?

This is a concept I like to toy with from time to time. I try to visualize infinity (or at least something so massively large it has the appearance of infinity) by creating a mental picture of space and to points as many points in the image in my head as possible. For example, to try to keep track of every star and galaxy in the image…and then move through it.

After about five minutes of this I usually start mumbling incoherently and then black out, so it’s not something I do regularly (but it’s safer than taking hallucinogenic drugs…I think).

*Except the stunning variety of stupidity in humans.

**Of course there’s things beyond our universe. Where else do you think the idea for furry fanfic came from?

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