Liam Lynch Plug

December 5th, 2007

Liam Lynch’s most recent album, How To Be A Satellite is a great little album that I fear is not getting the exposure it deserves. All anyone seems to know about him is he did that really short song a few years back…whatever. I had forgotten about him – his only major-label album, Fake Songs, wasn’t all that great – the songs weren’t that interesting, the singing was flat, and the music felt like he knew all the theory and where to put breaks and hooks – they sounded like he wrote them for a class on pop music instead of being the real deal.

Not so with this album.

While the songs don’t have a cohesive lyrical or musical theme, most of them stand up well on ther own. Lynch has a clear appreciation for melody and a catchy hook – and for someone like me who rates a certain English band above everyone else, I’m immediately attracted to his music. And the three best tracks – “Crow,” “On Waves Low And High” and the title track – are slow pieces that have the most polish and emotional impact. They’re also the three songs that I heard on his podcast, Lynchland, that made me want to buy the album.

It would have been nice if the album had any flow between the tracks, but I’m guessing he wasn’t trying to do that. Lynch seems to me the ideal 21st-century artist – independent, song-based rather than album-based, and less a musician and more a hyperactive artist with the skill and interest to be active in multiple disciplines. Music is just his home base, where he started, and where he’ll revolve around.

Similar artists: The Beatles (duh), Bob Dylan (duh), Paul McCartney, The Zombies, Frank Zappa, Eagles of Death Metal, Todd Rundgren, Beck, Violent Femmes, Wire…sorry, these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head, but they’re all good starting points (and the may say more about my musical interests than music similar to Liam Lynch).

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