The Blurring Of Reality

December 7th, 2007

The other day I was talking with a coworker about his observation that all the people with weird deformities are popping up in China – the woman with the backward feet, the guy with green sweat, the unicorn people. I responded by saying it was probably a combination of China’s massive population and really bad pollution. Think about it: one out of every five humans is Chinese, and one out of every five humans is Indian!

The conversation died, until a few minutes later I became very worried: what if the first mutant superheroes appear in China rather than in the US? That would totally tip the scale of who is the most powerful world superpower, right?

It soon occurred to me that I was worrying about something that only appears in comic books, expensive action movies, and low-budget children’s cartoons. I’m having trouble telling the difference between fantasy and reality. It’s like how people are big into pirates, ninjas, and zombies – like they really exist*. Or the dude who wanted his senior picture in his school’s yearbook be of him in his chain mail armor and with a broadsword.I’m just saying…this is the inspiration for some very good stories.

*Pirates do exist. They just don’t normally have one leg and a funny accent anymore…well, unless you consider a filipino accent funny.

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