Bloc Party’s new album Intimacy

August 21st, 2008

The English band Bloc Party pulled a Radiohead-like stunt with their new album, Intimacy, by releasing it online early to try and catch all those people who got ahold of A Weekend in the City before its official release (no, I wasn’t one of them).

Here’s a link to buy the album. You can get just the digital version or also get the CD when it’s released in stores.

I like Bloc Party, and I don’t like CDs anymore, so I took the bait. They somehow manage to release the right album for the right time in my life.

This album is fucking brilliant. The songs on this album have all the best qualities of the first two albums, Silent Alarm and Weekend. This rocks hard, dances hard, and has lyrics of authenticity. And, my god, the hooks! I have a soft spot for songs with strong hooks, and Intimacy has some of the meatiest. Not only that, the shimmering guitar riffs are like Ride on speed. The world needs more songs of alienation that get your body moving.

The album is going to need some evangelizing over here in the States to get people to listen to this. It won’t be hard – they just have to listen. The time has come to get rid of all those crappy emo rock bands with the whining vocals and fake sincerity.

The plan was to have a post with a song-by-song opinion of the album, but “talking about music is like dancing about architecture” so I relented out of politeness.

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