“China’s Economic Future” and “The Beijing Olympics” Revisited

August 16th, 2008

Since I posted my articles on China, I’ve found several articles in the same vein about China that are very interesting, not to mention much better written.

First, from Cracked.com – which is one of the funniest and smart sites around nowadays – is an expletive-filled rant about the Beijing Olympics, “What the Olympics Really Mean to China.” Look for the hilarious bit about the American swim team beating the cocky French team.

io9, a great sci-fi blog, has an interesting post about the future of China, “Coming Soon from China: Dystopic Futures, the Next Steve Jobs, and a World Full of Drumming Androids.” The author makes some predictions that could very well come true if Americans continue in their recent vein of complacency. I doubt that though – at some point we’ll become so pissed off with what our country has become that we’ll improve. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

Finally, from The Economist, are two articles on China and what’s really going on there: “China’s dash for freedom” and “Welcome to a (rather dour) party.” Both articles touch upon what I believe is really happening minus my optimism. In fact, they’re so well written and offer such a complete view of what I was trying to say that it makes me feel inadequate in my writing. Regardless, I have high respect for The Economist. It’s well-written and seems to be filled with the few journalists with the balls to give their own subjected opinion without sounding like a shrill Pentagon lackey. Oh, and the paper’s view is usually the correct one.

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