Head fake

September 2nd, 2008

Randy Pausch‘s deep and human lecture, his last, introduced me to the concept of the head fake. If you haven’t seen his speech, go watch it now.

A head fake is where an action looks different from the act itself. Pausch’s lecture was about achieving childhood dreams, but it was really about something else, and turned out to be for someone else altogether. That head fake is probably the most tear-inducing one in existence.

In sports, a head fake can be a play that tricks the opposing team into following someone who they think has the ball so that they miss the person with the real ball who doesn’t normally have that job.

In film, a head fake can be a plot where the audience completely misses the real protagonist or what’s really going on, often resulting in a crappy movie.

In blogging, you could be reading a post about one topic when it’s really about something else altogether. Or the entire blog is about a something else. Like Budaeli. :)

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