September 4th, 2008

I feel that I am qualified to write about motivation because most of the time, I don’t have any.

A reasonable thing to do would be to sell, donate, or just get rid of an old TV 15 months after the new one arrived; but my unused TV is sitting in a room filled with random possessions of two other people. It would also be reasonable, knowing plenty about economics and how credit cards work, to not screw oneself over by not paying credit card bills for a while, but that’s exactly what I did (they’re paid off now, thank you). I still haven’t called the gas and electric companies to switch the bills over to my name, don’t actively look for a date, didn’t renew my driver’s license for nine months until the day before I was supposed to fly home, don’t recycle pop bottles*, and probably won’t vote in the upcoming election because I’ve figured out that the cost to cast that vote isn’t worth it for me. That makes me one lazy man, and qualified to talk about the energy behind doing things.

If I’m so lazy, how do I get anything done? Because I figure out ways to do more in less time. Not to get more work done, but to have more time to slack off. The unfortunate side effect is that to most people, I don’t appear to do anything. Trust me, I’m powering up and winning the game. Just look at this blog.

Budaeli, what you’re reading, has been dormant for most of its existence. Currently, this is the longest stretch of continuous writing, beginning on July 31st. There are several very key reasons for this, all being motivation for me to keep writing, but none of them will be obvious. If I’m so goddamn lazy, what keeps me writing? My laziness knows no rational bounds. It can’t be for anything obvious, like money or vanity right?

Always remember that necessity is not the mother of invention; laziness is the mother of invention.

*I leave them on top of my garbage bags so the scavengers get them and make some money on my behalf.

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