Budaeli is written by Chris Aucutt.

About Budaeli

Budaeli has no theme, it has no specialty and no plan and can change at a whim – because Budaeli is written by someone without specialty or plan and can change at a whim.

When discussing culture, Budaeli will be about American culture. To the many international readers out there: Chris is most knowledgeable discussing American culture, so when something is described in absolute terms, it may not directly relate to other cultures.

Budaeli is built on WordPress and hosted by Dreamhost.

About Chris

Chris is originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Most of what Chris does is faking something well enough that it turns into a real skill. Currently he’s pretty good at faking writing. He’s currently trying to fake some design work like web development and vector graphics. It’s not going well right now, but that may change. (He once tried to fake being a musician but realized it was easier to appreciate music than to make it. Also, he’s not a fan of blisters.)

Obligatory grainy photo of author

Obligatory blurry photo of author

P.S. Chris is torn between writing this page in the first person or the third person. Apologies for any cognitive dissonance caused.