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Updates: Added 1/125, Animal Trivia, Autism sucks, CNNWTF, Eff You Gruber!, Favit, Favstar bookmarklet, Jesus and Judas, Letterboxed!, Papyrus Everywhere, Skankcoon, Skyward, and Tobacco Avenue.


Aviary by @secretsquirrel
by @nevenmrgan and @buzz
by @lonelysandwich and @camh
Favit by @timhaines


Animal Trivia by @sween
The Twitter Munny Project by @poeks
Handmade books by @alinasmith
Second Favorite by @baileygenine
So and So Is by @poeks


Advice for Strays by @sniffyjenkins
Disappearing Destinations by @irreverend
The Groom's Instruction Manual by @essdogg
The Laugh Out Loud Cats Sell Out by @apelad
Mr. Abernathy by @tony_d
Twitter Wit
by @nick
We Are the Cat by @terrybain
You Are a Dog
by @terrybain


"Get A Little Sad and Make Things" by @strutting


LOLZIES!!1@! by @chaztoo
Low Resolution Theatre
by @tony_d and @ange_black


Orifex by @fireland
Pancake Breakfast with @antichrista


Letterboxed! by @texburgher


Arrive Having Eaten by @bcompton and @redrabbit
Dinobrain by @davegorum, @worldwarmike, and @beeborg
Frank & Erik Internet Famous by @franktheguy and @erikprice
Live, from a Shoebox by @just_alison and @stephennelson
Monkey Inquisition by @awryone and @melissasantos
Planned Brotherhood by @plannedbrohood
You Look Nice Today
by @lonelysandwich, @hotdogsladies, and @scottsimpson
You Look Like Crap Today by @shamelessplug and @twoname


Eff You Gruber! by @seoulbrother
Skyward by @texburgher

Web Applications

Craigslist Map Thingie by @poeks
The Favrd Bookmarklet by @lionelstar (Note: Favrd is no longer in operation; if you know of a similar solution for any of the other Twitter starring sites, let me know)
by @timhaines
Favstar bookmarklet by @dysolution, @gesteves, and @lionelster
The Favrd Ones
by @badgopher
Twitreport by @tj
by @poeks


1/125 by @kalli and @kukkurovaca
Ad to the Bone by @adtothebone
Answering Yahoos
by @aedison
Autism sucks by @sendchocolate
Bad Banana Blog by @badbanana
CNNWTF by @seanhussey and @texburgher
Commonplace by @aedison
the half empty moleskine by @tony_d
The House of Wigs by @fireland
Jesus and Judas by @aedison
The Knowledge for Thirst by @fireland
Papyrus Everywhere by @hella
Proud Nature by @aedison
Sad Guys on Trading Floors by @riebschlager
Slate in Brief by @aedison and @nick
The Small Picture by @aedison and @nostrich
Skankcoon by @jewles
Stuff My Girlfriend Says by @indefensible
Tobacco Avenue by @jephkelley
Too Many Cooks by @anaisescobar, @coyotesqrl, @marleymarley, @monkeyfrog, @oledocweirdbeard, @piscesinpurple, and @paulosthegreek
Twitterfu Quarterly by @nonlinearmind
This is not Pitchfork
by @abigvictory
Works in Progress by @texburgher, @danaia, and @dascola

Guidelines: No social sites, no personal blogs (exception for sites with a singular theme). One of the creators has a Twitter account and/or a Tumblr account - and if you consider yourself a member of the Favrd Crowd, then that's good enough for inclusion.



a little project by @swamibooba